Frama cph is a Copenhagen-based interior design brand that focuses on natural materials, simple geometries, and top-notch quality. Their Danish Design effortlessly blends creativity with functionality, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic that's both inviting and authentic.

Aluminium Rivet Shelves for your bathroom, living room or kitchen

One of Frama cph most beloved designs is the Rivet Collection, which includes the Rivet Typecase and Rivet Shelf. These sleek aluminium shelves can elevate various spaces like your bathroom, hallway, or kitchen. In your kitchen, you can showcase your favourite coffee cups and accessories on these shelves. Additionally, the versatile Frama Shelf is suitable for your bathroom, allowing you to decorate it with scented candles, essential items, or even guest towels. It's guaranteed to attract attention and admiration.

Rivet Side Box Table and Cart as your office or living room companion

Discover the stunning Rivet Cart by Frama cph – a versatile aluminium addition to your space. Slide it effortlessly under your office desk or use it as a movable side table in your living room. It even serves as a convenient laptop stand for your studio photography needs. This piece is your trusty companion for various occasions.

Equally appealing, the Rivet Box Side Table is the ideal choice as a bedside stand or a steady side table beside your sofa. It conveniently accommodates your cherished books, magazines, and beverages. You can enhance its appearance by adding glasses or a vase – the choice is yours to make.

The 01 Collection for compact spaces: dining chairs, benches and stools

The 01 Series by Frama cph draws its inspiration from the distinct chairs that have graced Nordic churches since the early 20th century. Through a contemporary lens on craftsmanship, coupled with a respectful nod to traditional production techniques, this series exudes a sense of uniqueness and refinement.

What truly captivates us is the versatility of these pieces, especially in compact living spaces. Imagine using the Bench 01 as a graceful bed end, the Stool 01 as a chic nightstand, or even stacking a few Chair 01 to as additional dining chairs. And when the need for extra seating arises, these elements seamlessly unite to form a cohesive ensemble around your dining table. The 01 Series embodies the fusion of history and modernity, adding a touch of elegance to any living environment.

Frama lighting desk, wall, pendants and floor lamps

When it comes to lighting, Frama cph stands out as a top choice for us. Finding a blend of beauty and functionality in kitchen lighting can be a challenge, but Frama cph nails it. Their Eiffel Pendant Lamp not only offers a stunning, evenly spread light but also boasts adjustable height and dimming capabilities. This makes it an excellent option for a range of spaces, from kitchens and offices to dining tables.Completing the Eiffel Collection, items like the Eiffel Wall Lamp and Eiffel Floor Lamp prove to be fantastic solutions for brightening up those dim corners in your bedroom or hallway.

Finally, a standout in their collection is the renowned T-Lamp Brushed Steel. This adjustable piece holds a special place as an exceptional desk lamp. Its sculptural form not only captures attention but also adds significant design value to spaces like offices and studios.