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byKnIndustrie | Stock Item

Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery

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The KnIndustrie "Brick Lane" cutlery set has a classic design and vintage finish obtained through rewashing with porcelain stones, giving it a unique antique feel. The collection is versatile and perfect for both everyday and formal dining, with a wide variety of pieces reminiscent of historical London markets.

If you are a fan of our KnIndustrie Italy Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery Stainless Steel, we recommend checking out our Sambonet Baguette Vintage Cutlery, which offers a similar style and quality. For those looking to add an even more unique and extraordinary touch to their table setting, we suggest exploring our Flora Vulgaris Cutlery Collection.

Product Features

• Made in Italy
• 100% stainless steel
• Dishwasher-safe
• Stonewashed finish

Care Guide

Dishwasher-safe. The matte look has been obtained by a backwash of porcelain stones on the stainless steel making it very resistant. If stains occur, gently buff them out with a clean tea towel.

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