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  • Totem nr. 2 - Art by Tessa de Rijk Dutch Artist – Enter The Loft
  • Close-up of the Totem nr. 2 abstract art painting by Atelier de Rijk.
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byTessa de Rijk | One-of-a-kind

Totem n.2

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Totem n.2 by Atelier de Rijk is a part of her Totems collection that symbolizes natural or supernatural objects that have a personal symbolic meaning for an individual and with whose phenomena and energy one feels a strong connection. The figures stand for freedom and have magnificent dreams.

Tessa de Rijk creates limited series of artworks that explore the relationship between spatial aspects and material expressions. Closeness, texture, and evolution all play a role in her abstract art.

Take a look at her full collection of Totems or her beautiful artworks from  Symbiosis and Wall Sculptures.

Product Features

• L41 x W41 cm
• Unique art object numbered and signed
• Handmade in Amsterdam

Care Guide

This art piece is entirely made by hand: from the wooden frame to the pigments and brushes. Tessa is a firm believer in craftsmanship. And because of her hands-on approach to creating freely, the artist's signature brushstrokes and character are present in each individual artwork.