The Daphine by Lumina, a floor lamp that became a timeless icon of Italian design.


"Our lamps are iconic, like our work ethic and our craft. By exploiting the latest production technologies we unite form and function to achieve a pure and simple result. For the wellbeing of our customers".

Ettore Cimini

Lumina, a lighting products manufacturer whose main strengths are construction capability and quality control at the service of simple and technological lamps, grew out of the vision of Tommaso Cimini.

When he set up the company in Sedriano (a small town in the Milan area) in 1980, he already had one principle very clear in his mind: it is function that generates form.

With his ingenuity, innate capacity to innovate and deep knowledge of materials, Tommaso Cimini was able, in the mid ‘70s, to retool the machines in his workshops to create the Daphine, a lamp that became a timeless icon of Italian design.

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A family business

Daphine is a timeless synthesis of function and form: an articulated arm, with a pivoting diffuser, mounted on a transformer. It’s that perfect timeless addition to classic and modern interiors alike. The Daphine collection is still handmade in Italy by Lumina, a family-owned manufacturer of quality lighting. As they have been, for over 45 years.

This mid-century lamp represents the essence of Lumina and has become a must-have for interior design lovers. It is displayed in some of the most famous Museums of Modern Art and Design in the World.

Other colors and finishes available on request.