Lisbon Guide Day 2

Santa Clara 1728 - Lisbon Guide Day 2 | Enter The Loft

After a majestic start of the day with a bath overlooking the Santa Clara garden, we were greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread coming up from the dining room at Santa Clara 1728. The chef prepares a small, seasonal dish each morning for all of the guests to enjoy at the communal dining table; a way to encourage exchange and conversation at the breakfast table.

Morning stroll - The Gulbenkian Faundation And Museum - Lisbon Guide Day 2 | Enter The Loft

1. Morning stroll - The Gulbenkian Faundation And Museum

This modernist museum is a concrete oasis surrounded by huge gardens and patio’s that might be just as stunning as the art exhibitions inside. Take your time to enjoy a slower pace and a different side of Lisbon.

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Lunch - Go Juu

Fish in al its forms is really the way to go in a city like Lisbon. Go Juu does an amazing selection of Japanese-inspired dishes that are light but pack a lot of flavour.

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Shopping - Under The Cover and Embaixada

Right across from the museum sits the kiosk-like shop of Under The Cover, but don’t let its size fool you, this tiny bookstore has some of the best magazines and design books around. After, head down to Embaixada. Set in a stunning old palace, this is the place to shop all things design and a selection of beautiful crafts.

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Aperitivo time - A Cevicheria

You can’t miss the 6 foot long octopus suspended for the ceiling at A Cevicheria. Take a bar stool and sit back for a drink and a snack.

Dinner - Bairro Do Avillez - Lisbon Guide - Day 2 - Enter The Loft

5. Dinner - Bairro Do Avillez

Nothing beats dinner ‘al fresco’ after a whole day of walking around. At Bairro do Avilez you can choose the former Patio setting, or enjoy a more laid-back setting  in the Taberna. They are both equally good in their own right and the perfect place to enjoy great food while spending time at the table with good company.

There you have it, our favourite Lisbon destinations all in one place. Feel free to share yours through our e-mail, we’ll be heading down to Lisbon soon to discover more inspiring places!


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Bairro Do Avillez

Words by Sara Martin Mazorra