Jars Ceramistes

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French handmade ceramic tableware

Jars, inspiring freedom every day. Living ceramics, which invite mixing and sharing.Complicit objects, which we love to divert, appropriate and constantly rediscover.

1857, a small village in Drôme, in the South of France. Pierre Jars, creates a family ceramic workshop.

A founding vision: to combine the beautiful and the useful. Since then, this sincere philosophy has been perpetuated: the love of beautiful "handmade" products.

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Enamels on sandstone

Stoneware is often said to be an "organic" ceramic material. Indeed, in the great family of ceramics, it is the only one where earth and enamel "come together." At Jars, each enamel is imagined and then developed in the workshops.

They have developed hundreds of unique colors & materials. It is much more than a simple film of varnish. With high-fire vitrification (1280°), the natural components of the enamel interpenetrate in a mysterious and irreversible way. This process gives them this unique depth, like no other.

• Handmade in France
• Dishwasher- and microwave safe