Heerenhuis, a Belgian furniture brand, excels in crafting robust wooden tables.


"We make tables. That's what we do."

The heart of your home—the table, a focal point in your kitchen, dining room, and even your entire house. Heerenhuis, our Belgian furniture brand, excels in crafting robust wooden tables that transcend generations. A platform to display decorative items, a place where people can come together for meals and conversations, or a dedicated workspace for activities, the table is an essential and versatile addition to the home.

Nestled in Antwerp's charming atelier, Heerenhuis specializes in crafting iconic tables that blend elegance with functionality. Their collection boasts timeless designs like the Altar Table, Trestle Table, Mesa Nero Table, Kombinat Table, Brix Table, Repetto Table, Larbus Table, and Nimbus Table, all of which redefine interior aesthetics. These tables aren't just furniture; they're artistic masterpieces destined to be cherished for generations.

(Picture: Trestle Table)

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  • Nimbus Coffee Table

    Regular price From €460,00
    Regular price Sale price From €460,00
    Heerenhuis Nimbus Coffee Side Tables OakClose-up of the oak wood tabletop of the Nimbus Coffee Table by Heerenhuis.
  • Beam Coffee Table

    Regular price From €700,00
    Regular price Sale price From €700,00
    Beam Coffee Table by Heerenhuis
  • Trestle Table

    Regular price From €5.125,00
    Regular price Sale price From €5.125,00
    Trestle Table set in an open and airy kitchen interior at Enter The Loft.The handmade Trestle Table by Heerenhuis set in a light and lofty open interior design living and dining space at Enter The Loft.
  • Hide Desk

    Regular price €1.325,00
    Regular price Sale price €1.325,00
    Heerenhuis Hide Desk Credenza at Enter The Loft.Heerenhuis Desk leather metal details handmade

Modern Dining Tables For Your Home

Heerenhuis's contemporary dining tables offer both beauty and practicality. They are sturdy enough for use in commercial and private spaces, enhancing the dining experience in settings like dining rooms, kitchens, cafes, and restaurants.

Designed to optimize space, their dining room and kitchen tables combine functionality with intimacy. Crafted from natural materials like metal, leather, and wood, each table showcases refined details such as chamfered edges and tapered legs.

Heerenhuis's contemporary dining tables cater to diverse needs, whether you require a small kitchen dining table, a versatile work-from-home office space, or a formal table for hosting gatherings. Many of their designs can also be customized to your preferred size, color and finish.

Coffee Tables, Side Tables And Nightstands

In addition to their exquisite dining tables, Heerenhuis offers a diverse range of furniture, including coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, stools, and chairs. Don't forget to explore the whole Heerenhuis Collection.

  • The Nimbus Table is a thin cross-section of an oak log, one of the strongest woods, majestically reshaped into a sturdy side table. Its imperfect beauty has been preserved by deftly filling up the small cracks in the wood with metal. Other coffee tables: Mesa Coffee Table, Nero Coffee Table, Poplar Coffee Table.

  • This Metal Chair shows exactly how it was made: the welding points, the sandpapering and the rough traces on the leather seating all add to its raw charm. A simple chair built to last and made entirely by hand according to Belgian tradition. For a more simplistic design take a look at the Rubber Chair.

  • The Kombinat Table charms with its pure simplicity and clean edges, leaving room for appreciating the strong and natural appearance of the the ayous wood. It comes in plenty of sizes, so there’s bound to be one that fits your interior. From the same collection Kombinat Stool / Nightstand.