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Grès Ceramics

Grès is a collection of ceramic table lamps, handcrafted in France. A pure and sincere project between stylist and photographer Aurélie Lecuyer and ceramist Benoit Audureau. Together, they create simple, conscious interior treasures. 

These handmade ceramic lamps let craftsmanship really shine through. Each ceramic foot has a unique and distinct patterns that can only be achieved through artisanal creation. The quirky hand knotted jute screen adds a bohemian feel to any interior. 

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"Attracted by the raw materials, I recover my clays in the quarries to keep their richness. Prepare my earth, leaving or removing their sands, pebbles. A raw earth which after cooking will reveal all its imperfections. The production is entirely based on utility and small decorative series. I work on the form, the accuracy, the spontaneity of the turning or so I come to cut facets in the pieces to create landscapes. The pieces are for the most part covered white magnesian enamel and baked in an electric oven at 1270° or in wood in a phoenix oven at 1320°. I like to work around this white enamel.”

Benoît Audureau

  • The beautiful ceramic lamps from Grès Ceramics are made by Benoit Audureau. He had the honour to be featured in installations in the Contemporary Ceramic Center in La Borne, France, an important element in the unique pottery heritage in France.

  • The artist Benoit Audureau re-uses clay from brickyards and small local potteries. These left-overs are crushed, and whatever is in the clay stays in the clay. These clays will reveal all their imperfections after cooking. The pieces are covered with a white magnesian enamel which, will reveal shades of grey, blue or green.

  • We have different pieces available. The Lune and Orbe belong to the more organic shapes. The Halo, Terre White and Terre Black have elongated cylinder shapes.