Manoteca by Elisa Cavani.

I have been quite a fan of Manoteca for a while now. Elisa Cavani is the woman behind the elegant designs that re-purpose old and discarded materials into clever objects that spark the imagination.

Elisa works from her atelier in Bologna, described by her as ‘a little house in a park, a lab where old and abandoned things are hosted, reinvented and reassembled.’ She says that she mostly gathers inspiration while walking around, when she finds objects on the street that someone saw as junk, she immediately starts to see possibilities.

This is how old doors become a dinner table that in turn can be folded open to serve as study desk. Old wooden boxes are turned into a modular table system with matching stools.  A majestic old piano becomes a hybrid shape serving between its original function and a book shelve and lamp stand. And the list goes on and on as does Elisas’s artistry.

More about Manoteca’s creations can be found right here.

Words by Sara Martín Mazorra.