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  • wooden honey spoon by original home in setting
  • wooden honey spoon by original
  • wooden honey spoon by original home in setting with mug and napkin
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Wooden Honey Spoon

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The Wooden Honey Spoon is an essential item in any kitchen where honey is enjoyed in teas or desserts. Boasting natural, organic aesthetics, it is crafted from food-safe teak root wood and is sure to last thanks to its durable construction. Produced by Original Home, this spoon is handmade from 100% natural, eco-friendly materials and may vary slightly in size, shape, and colour.


Product Features

• reclaimed teak wood
• each spoon is handmade and unique in finish.

Care Guide

These handmade spoons are not dishwasher safe. Gently was with lukewarm water. Wood is a living, breathing material, regularly oil the spoon to keep the wood supple.