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  • Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars by Houtlokaal - The modular nature and use of high-quality materials make them a practical and visually appealing addition to your home.
  • Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars by Het Houtlokaal. The stackable feature makes them easy to access, while their presence adds a stylish touch to any home interior.
  • Close-up of the Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars - The unique stackable design and dark walnut wood grains are highlighted in this close-up view.
  • Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars as part of the Repeat collection by Het Houtlokaal.
  • Discover the cohesive design language of the Repeat collection as these stackable jars complement other tableware items. The use of dark walnut wood and the attention to detail reflect and give that final touch to any table setting.
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byHet Houtlokaal | Made to order

Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars (set of 2)

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Dark, moody walnut wood is hand-turned to create a modular set of stackable little storage jars. Perfect to store small precious items and treats. Endlessly functional, the jars can be stacked to create a quirky centerpiece.

The Repeat collection is designed and crafted locally in Rotterdam. By friends, and makers, Marisa Klaster and Suzan Doornbos. It’s a collection of table accessories where form and functionality meet. The same shapes and materials are used throughout the collection, making it endlessly modular — lids become plates, and egg cups become quirky table sculptures.

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Product Features

• design: Klaster x Doornbos
• repeat is a design collection of stackable tableware. stacking the individual items will result in surprising objects.
• finish: hard wax
• sizes: w:85mm, H 67,5mm, weight: 95 gr

Care Guide

Easy to clean with warm or cold water.