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  • Dashi Plate & Kome Spoon Charbon by Jars Ceramistes on table.
  • Dashi Plate Charbon by Jars Ceramistes.
  • Jars Ceramistes Dashi Plate Charbon.
  • Dashi Plate Charbon by Jars Ceramistes at Enter The Loft.
  • Stack of Dashi Plates by Jars Ceramistes.
  • Stack of Dashi Plates and Cups by Jars Ceramistes.
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Dashi Plate Charbon

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Irregularly shaped, with a hand thrown quality that shows traces of the potter's strokes — the deep black-blue plate is a poetic play of colours and textures. This is the type of tableware that adds tons of character to your most inspiring tableware settings.

These ceramics are handmade in France, with centuries old knowledge passed on from potter master to apprentice. Its natural glaze and high intensity firing making it strong and durable — ready to complement any table setting.

Combine with the Dashi Large Plate Celadon Green XL and White Crackled Glaze L.

Product Features

• Ø 29 cm
• Glazed stoneware
• Handmade in France

Care Guide

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the durability of these handmade ceramics. They are dishwasher-safe and suitable for microwave