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  • Fork, Knife and Spoon from the Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery by KnIndustrie.
  • Fork, Knife and Spoon from the Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery by KnIndustrie.
  • Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery Flatware set
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Brick Lane Vintage Cutlery

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The Brick Lane Cutlery set by KnIndustrie has a classic design and vintage finish obtained through rewashing with porcelain stones. The collection is versatile and perfect for both everyday and formal dining, with a wide variety of pieces reminiscent of historical London markets.

If you are interested in one type of flatware, we recommend investing in the starter set as this one is the most universal size. If you are interested in completing your flatware, you can choose to add the main set as well. If you are not planning on wishing for two sizes of cutlery, the starter/dessert is a good size for all moments throughout the day. 

Tableware measurements

Table Spoon - 21 cm
Table Fork - 21 cm
Table Knife - 24 cm 
Coffee Spoon - 14.5 cm
Dessert Spoon - 21.5 cm 
Dessert Fork - 19 cm 
Dessert Knife - 19 cm

You may also be interested in the Brick Lane Flatware Set or Serving CutlerySome add-ons and single pieces for your table setting.

Product Features

• Made in Italy
• 100% stainless steel
• Dishwasher-safe
• Stonewashed finish

Care Guide

Dishwasher-safe. The matte look has been obtained by a backwash of porcelain stones on the stainless steel making it very resistant. If stains occur, gently buff them out with a clean tea towel.