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  • Gaia Vase and Bowl by Serax made from earthenware, set on table with linen cloth.
  • Gaia Vase by Serax used as utensil holder.
  • Close-up of the earthenware Gaia Vase by Serax.
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Gaia Vase

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The Gaia Vases reflect naturalistic landscapes and the roughness of stone, whilst being reminiscent of historic stone pieces. These earthenware vases will provide an earthy feel to your interior whilst inspiring images of scenic mountainous regions and the coarseness of this environment.

Great in combination with the Gaia Bowl, also available in our webshop. The Gaia Vase on the picture with the Pure Kitchen Utensils is size S.

Product Features

• Earthenware, glazed but not waterproof
• S — H23cm x Ø17.5cm
• M — H28cm x Ø20.5cm
• L — H35cm x Ø23.5cm
• Do not submerge in water

Care Guide

This indoor vase is treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside, but this does not guarantee 100% water tightness. Therefore, we recommend placing any flowers or plants in a glass or plastic pot to protect it.