Bonni Bonne

Bonni Bonne is a design studio founded in 2017 by Emelie Ivarsson and Shalony van Stralendorff. Based in Norrland, Sweden, the company was born from a joint passion and fascination for nature, gastronomy, and the presence of everyday aesthetics.

Design kitchenware and furniture

Bonni Bonne specialises in Scandinavian design, crafting exquisite design utensils and kitchenware. They place a strong emphasis on using natural materials and draw inspiration from the elegant principles of Japanese aesthetics, contributing to the rising trend known as "Japandi."

Outline Series by Architect Fumihaito Ohashi

One of their standout collections is the Outline Series, a testament to their commitment to impeccable design. Collaborating with the esteemed Japanese architect Fumihaito Ohashi, Bonni Bonne creates side tables and chairs that not only serve practical purposes but also elevate everyday living through thoughtful and elegant design.

In summary, Bonni Bonne is a design studio that seamlessly blends Scandinavian and Japanese design influences, focusing on natural materials and aesthetic harmony to create beautiful and functional kitchenware.