You might have seen YouYou’s beautiful baskets in our webshop, they have been a part of our interior since our winter edition of the Loft. The soft colours stand in stark contrast with how strong the fabric is -the baskets have become our favourite storage for the big chunks of wood next to our stove.

We recently caught up with the team in between one of their many travels, and they told us about what inspires their designs. Because, although YouYou is based in The Netherlands, they spend most of their time elsewhere. Mostly in Central America or Asia, where they work closely together with craftsmen and women to create their unique handmade collections.

These travels and the people they meet along the way is what keeps inspiring their designs: from Ikat weaving to ankle cuffs traditionally worn by Khmer dancers. Their iconic baskets are inspired by the Kenyan Lamu island: the slow rhythm , the beautiful Swahili architecture and the subtle coral-stone colour of the townhouses. The raw jute they use for the production is traditionally known as ‘the golden fibre’, this material is what makes them so strong while looking so supple.

Founder Flo Beukers, lived and traveled in South-East Asia for a few years, where she started sourcing for the finest materials and products. She found out that local craftsmen in surrounding countries were able to make great stuff but that their products didn’t necessarily reach a big audience. She decided to combine their craftsmanship with a clean, timeless design aesthetic, in order to be able to bring their designs closer to home.

During her stay, she reached out to local cotton weavers. Together, they started a project to literally weave a clean, modern design and colour palette into their generations of craftsmanship. It took her a few months to figure out how to convince the collaborating cotton weavers to change their regular range of bright colours into a softer and more earth tone color palette. All their colours are hand dyed, and with their patience and willingness to succeed it resulted in a beautiful collection of hand-dyed & hand-woven throws inspired by classic Ikat patterns. And thus, the first Interior collection of throws was born, soon followed by baskets, rugs, ceramics, cutlery and jewellery.


You can shop for their beautiful baskets right here.

Styling Pics by Wendy Mahieu.

More by YOUYOU Amsterdam can be seen on their website.