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The Dune House

The Dune House is the latest in a series of private residential projects completed by The Loft. Nestled within a natural landscape of soft rolling dunes, this cozy cabin-like retreat took over two years to complete as we worked from scratch to create a space that would be in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The Loft’s Creative Director and designer Floris Koch shares his vision as he walks us through the just-inaugurated building.

“Simplicity was at the core of what we wanted to make. Our mantra throughout the design process was always: what is the most simple solution? When we started the project we had the vision of creating a living space that would look humble but feel extremely vast and open, we really wanted the volumes and proportions to play with the surrounding nature as this is such an important element of why its owners chose this exact spot.”

That’s why we’ve made every single part of the building open up to a specific element of nature. Starting at the central living area, an open space of over 7m high that is really the heart and soul of the house; with an open kitchen, living room and library as well as a towering fireplace. It’s in this space that our guiding principles for the design show at their best: huge windows open up on all axis of the space. These ‘pivoting points’ invite the natural light and landscape in.


In order to keep the focus on nature, we have kept the interior stripped to its most simple elements. We worked with materials that already had this ‘sillage’ of time in them, like unpolished concrete floors and brushed oak wood, which give an elegant weathered look to the interior. All corners and edges have been sanded and smoothed over to add to this worn softness. We lovingly called the effect ‘tough-love’.


But the precise details proved to be just as important as the materials of the Dune House. We custom-made most of the finishings so we could make completely seamless window sills and really integrated all hardware into the walls and flooring, in order to keep things as minimalistic and clean-cut as possible. One room where this is particularly visible is the bathroom, where we custom-made the bathtub, a huge poured concrete tub that is completely welded into the floor with seamless hand-made tap and handles to match. The huge pivoting window above the tub was designed with star-gazing in mind, while the ‘tadelakt’ plasterwork added layer upon layer of warmth and tactility.


The total effect is cubistic, modern and simple, with straight planes and lines that all gravitate towards the outside world. Although most of it is custom made, we finished the space by adding  our favourite interior pieces, like an Oliver Gustav hemp couch, Carl Hansen chairs, a plantain coffee table made by WDSTCK and countless other interior items that expressed the same weathered but modern feel.


It’s really a play of simple lines and cubist shapes, bathed in warmth.