Manoteca is a little house in a park in Bologna, Italy. A lab where old and abandoned things are hosted, reinvented and reassembled – the imaginative universe of Elisa Cavani. Having worked in the fashion industry for ten years, Elisa longed to dedicate herself to keep on working with shapes, objects and colours, but without making compromises. This time, she wanted to invent her own language. So for her, her first pieces represented her freedom of expression. Constructing a new language takes time; some pieces take months, others years.


Each Manoteca piece is a ‘pezzo unico’ meaning you will find no other like it. Elisa finds ways of repurposing and combining old and new parts into surprising designs that spark the imagination in an almost steampunk manner. For her, these pieces are the most valuable things she’s ever owned.
As Elisa looks for the perfect elements to merge together, she has rallied a network of restorators, antique carriers and compulsive hoarders that supply her with inspiring pieces to work with. Unusual things that others might easily overlook, but in Elisa’s hands turn into unique vessels telling magical stories.