Heerenhuis Manufactuur

Heerenhuis’s motto is brazenly straightforward “We make tables, that’s what we do.” – well, we feel they do it very well. The Belgian design house and furniture workplace started their trade in Antwerp in 1978 as an antiques business before setting up their own line of furniture. This might be why they have a longstanding thing for aged and imperfect materials; like worn vegetable tanned leather, unlacquered welded iron and massive slabs of noble wood. Each piece is hand finished with oil, wax or varnish giving it a rich texture.


Run by Geert Legein and Louis van Haesebrouck, the company has managed to keep a low profile; shying away from interviews and the limelight. Heerenhuis is just simply set on making  contemporary furniture that celebrates imperfection and really keeps the focus on the details. Their Basic line is an easy collection of set sized furniture, but each piece you see can be completely made to measure too. And then there’s the Limited Editions, made from exotic materials such as Italian walnut, sequoia and even swamp poplar. For Heerenhuis, it’s all about using uncomplicated, non-perfect but good quality materials.