Florentine Kitchen Knives

According to Tomer Botner, founder of Florentine Kitchen Knives, you only need three knives for nearly everything you do in the kitchen. So why not treat yourself with three absolutely unique ones? Each Florentine Kitchen Knife is one of a kind, as its handle is made by hand from brass and wooden discs, of which the composition is left to the inspiration of its maker.


Tomer wasn’t trained to be a knife maker. Having worked in restaurants, kitchens and bars during his studies as a product designer, it felt natural to foray into the kitchen when it came to realizing his graduation project, and the thing he was curious about, was how to make a good knife. His love for lines, shapes, compositions, engineering, ergonomics and art history, combined with his passion for food and the culinary world, led him to found Florentine Kitchen Knives in 2012 in the Florentine district of Tel-Aviv. He is currently operating out of Barcelona, Spain and Benedita, Portugal.
The company specializes in designing and manufacturing custom kitchen tools for chefs, restaurants and other establishments – such as The Jewish Museum in Manhattan and The Jane in Antwerp. Having worked for private kitchens for a while, Tomer decided to launch a line of high- end chef’s knives for use at home in small batches of a hundred or two-hundred knives. Usually sold out, these knives are highly sought after.