Silent Living

The winter blues has hit hard. After months of cold, rain and wind, the sun is finally out and we are more than ready to hit the road and discover someplace new. Somewhere quiet, green – or maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of a city that we’re are looking for. All we really know, is that we would want to escape it all at one of Silent Living’s dreamy getaways.

They operate a total of four distinct properties all across Portugal, each completely different to the other, but all equally serene and soothing. Most of their houses started out as family homes, which they have restored in close collaboration with intrepid local architects; who have helped them reshape the spaces with respect for their heritage. All the locations are described as being “an image of stories – of the ones who built these walls and left their prints in them, but also the ones who sat in this couch and shared long laughs along the evening. This is an image of textures – the textures of a vivid home, where people play the most important role in architecture – living the space.”

First up is the more well-known Santa Clara 1728. You could almost forget the packed winding streets of Lisbon while dipping into a massive stone bath, while a soft linen curtain blows in the air and reveals a majestic view over the river. This former palace offers all the space to get away from busy city life and indulge into ancient halls and marble staircases. The interior is austere, but with an exquisite eye for detail that makes it feel luxurious, all the way from the tiles to the linen bedsheets. The kind of luxury that is refined and understated, without all the bells and whistles.

Just a stones-throw away from buzzing Lisbon is a cluster of beach shacks like no other. If what you’re longing for is a sea breeze and the feeling of sand in your hair, you will feel right at home at Casas na Areia. Once you’ve landed and given in to a different pace, it will be hard to believe this group of thatched cabins are just a short hour drive from the capital. Overlooking beautiful natural landscapes and close to the sea, this is the place for long walks on the beach, horseback riding and endless sunsets. Similarly, the romantic wooden shacks at Cabanas No Rio take simplicity to the the┬ánext level by offering two very minimalistic living spaces, free from superfluous details, framed by a wooden pier and the vastness of the Sado river. This means going back to basics, appreciating all of the surroundings while disconnecting for a while, a luxury few of us take time for nowadays – my favourite of the four without a doubt.

Casa No Tempo is a more secluded space, set in green undulating valleys and surrounded by nothing but nature. This rustic, lime-washed family home is nestled in a sprawling green property, with dramatic views over hilltops and a natural pool that seems to melt into the landscape. The perfect place to set up camp and explore the quiet countryside.

Whichever your favourite, you can discover all of them at Silent Living.