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Hygge Bowls and Flower Pots

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These elevated bowls are eye-catching pieces elegantly poised on their legs. Use them as a plant pot, to display decorative objects or make a minimalistic flower arrangement. All bowls in the are made from terracotta with an impressed textured band for that extra earthy touch. When used as a plant pot do not put them outside. 

The small edition is great for all your herbs. Look amazing in your kitchen.

Product Features

• small — Ø12 x 16h cm
• medium — Ø24 x 11h cm
• large — Ø18 x 22h cm
• XL — Ø30 x 29h cm
• terracotta with grey engobe
• glazed on the inside to resist water (may deteriorate over time)

Care Guide

The bowls are handmade of terracotta glazed with engobe. Due to the natural materials, small differences in shape and color may occur. Gently clean any stains with a damp cloth and don't put in the dishwasher. Avoid sudden temperature changes, as a thermal shock can cause cracks in the material.

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