Linen Napkin



Linen is a natural material that is durable, elegant and truly timeless. These napkins are the finishing touch for your daily table setting. They are made from 100% pre-washed linen, made traditionally in Europe. It’s the perfect piece for daily use or special occasions and gatherings. Comes in three natural colours that complement each other and pair up perfectly with the other tablecloths, cushions and tea towels by Timeless Linen.


Due to its natural properties, the material might feel slightly rough after washing and drying. But once it is used, it will return to its original softness. You can also iron the napkin for immediate results.


  • Material: 100% pre-washed linen
  • Colours: Off-white a classic broken white. Oatmeal: The colour of dried oats, slightly yellow. Natural: natural flax linen, darker than oatmeal and slightly grey.
  • Weight: 230gr
  • Size: 42cm x 42cm
  • Machine washable – using gentle detergent at 40oC/104F
  • Maximum spin cycle speed advised – 800 rpm.
  • Hang dry; avoid tumble dry always but if ever, use light tumble on low heat.
  • Does not require ironing if napkin is hung immediately after it was washed.

Natural, Off White, oatmeal