Kinfill Full House Cleaning Set






Kinfill reconciles eco-conscious cleaning with aesthetics. This easy two-step plan only requires you to mix a vial of cleaning solution with water into a durable, refillable Italian glass spray bottle. This system works to reduce your carbon footprint by getting rid of single-use plastics. It also eliminates water in the production, which in turn helps by cutting on transport costs.


To top that all off, each cleaning solution is a non-toxic blend infused with natural fragrances that will uplift your spirits. Start cleaning with effective concentrates that are kind to your home, and our planet. You will receive 4 x Kinfill Forever Bottles & 4 x Kinfill cleaning concentrates: 1  — Multi Surface Cleaning Spray, 2  — Glass & Mirror Spray, 3  — Tub & Tile Spray, 4  — Floor Cleaner



  • Refillable Italian glass bottles.
  • Reusable spraying nozzles.
  • Free of palm oil and chlorides.
  • Vegan and animal-cruelty free.


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