Japanese Wood Board – Large



Inspired by Japanese traditional woodworking but with a clean Nordic feel, this wooden board is a beautiful addition for serving small bites, late-night cocktails or breakfast in bed.  Oak is a material that breathes timelessness – as a living tree it’s at its very best, of course. Yet good design can capture this beauty in essence. In this tray, the two different directions of the oak wood meet gracefully. The board stands on two oak surfaces that elevate its surface from the table. The floating expression makes it easy to lift up the serving tray from the table while also giving it a sculptural feel.


  • Material: Oak
  • Dimensions: 44 L x 21,7 W x 2,5 H cm
  • Care: Gently wipe clean and regularly oil your wooden homewares
  • Produced in Europe from FSC certified wood

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