Desk Sculptures



You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or you can choose to display them all together – a small collection and stil-life of sculptures in different materials. The Desk Sculptures are beautiful, simple and even functional – use the terracotta sphere as a paperweight; for example. And the marble square as a bookend. Use these delightful desk objects as your weekday desk meditation at the office or use them to create an ever changing display in your living room. Pair them with the Dome vases or Terracotta Bowls for a harmonious play of textures.


Copenhagen-based designer Kristina Dam merges art and design, offering clean cut pieces made from carefully selected materials. Kristina Dam works with objects that in a simple manner challenge the limits of art and interior. All items are produced within the European Union and designed in Denmark.The Desk Sculptures come in a beautiful cardboard casing where each object is fitted carefully in foam within the box.

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