"We are a boutique interior design shop with one single passion; seeing spaces work their magic on people. We bring spaces to life by decorating them with our favourite interior finds in the field of furniture, arts, accessories and curiosa."

Enter The Loft

We are the online boutique store for home goods made with love and attention. We search the globe for the most talented artists and craftsmen and bring you their finest creations. We create atmospheres where people feel comfortable and at home, by combining natural materials with soft colours and characteristic furnishings with inspiring accessories. Our online boutique is here to inspire you on how to solve your interior puzzle. Enter The Loft. You’ll surely find something you love.


We're a collective of interior design lovers, here to spread the joy of decorating. We believe beautiful interiors, crafted with love and attention, are essential to quality living.

  • Floris Koch

    Head of Design

  • Hubert Crijns


  • Irene Reijnders

    Managing Director

  • Sara Martín Mazorra

    Head of Content

  • Joseph Holloway

    Customer Care

  • Bas van Exter

    E-Commerce Manager


We have a deeply rooted love for natural materials – and a rather unsubtle aversion from nonrecycled plastic. We like our stuff to be either carved out of wood, cut from leather, blown into glass or drummed into steel. We love wool. And covet ceramics. These materials tell a lot about the love and attention invested in a product.


We can turn your home, office or any other venue into a lofty space. No matter what dimensions it has. We’ll add a few. A whole new dimension of cosiness, stylishness or functionality, for instance. Or all three.


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