Overgaard & Dyrman
Overgaard & Dyrman combine traditional saddle making techniques with modern technology to create mindbending designs.
Artist in Residence n.11
The girls from De Plaatjesmakers built a whole photographic lab to show us the process behind the craft of collodion wet plate photography.
Artist in Residence n.09
Our Loft got a little botanical input by illustrator Maartje van den Noort, who made some of her signature floral drawings.
Artist in Residence n.10
Brass is the metal of choice for artist Bregje Sliepenbeek. Its versatility and the way it catches the light are what make it her perfect staple material.
Memento Chair by WDSTCK
The Memento, a chair in its purest form as two leather rectangles with a steel lining. Designer Jesse Sanderson came up with the design of the chair as a reaction to nowadays standards.


Eginstill makes kitchens that are so grand, all you'll ever want is to hang out next to the fridge all day. Expect lots of marble, steel and wood with these guys.
Pyke Koch
A retrospective of the Dutch artist reveals his history and the hidden symbolism in his paintings. An in-depth talk with grandson and Loft founder, Floris Koch.
Artist in Residence n.14
Illustrator Marina Guiu packed her pens and pencils and travelled all the way from Barcelona to work at one of our lofty locations.
Barbiers Originals
At Barbiers Originals, every piece of metal comes with a lengthy history. These long-lived and original materials are crafted into unique pieces of furniture.
K.H. Würtz
The field between glaze and shape is a common playground where the energy sparkles when it comes to the pottery crafted by studio K.H. Würtz.
Artist in Residence N. 13
Internoconcucina is a food-styling studio that combines research and design, focussing on food and the universe that surrounds it.
Tailor-made and ultra comfortable mattresses - the people at muun know that sleep is anything but overrated.
Aleksandra Zee
A girl from the city of San Fran with exceptional woodworking skills that takes her inspiration from the rugged landscape that surrounds her.
Artist in Residence N.02
Charlotte Greeven worked on delicate costumes for an upcoming stop-motion movie in our beautiful Vaudeville Theatre.
Native Line
Justine Ashbee takes us into her imaginative world in which she creates refined wall-hangings and other textile objects.