Native Line

Justine Ashbee is the hands and brain behind Native Line, where she creates woven wall hangings that  resemble precious objects rather than hand crafted decoration pieces. For me personally, wall hangings can be too reminiscent of home-deco and crafts; they can easily remind you of a dusty seventies interior. Justine steps away form all these cliches without needing to change the shape of the hangings themselves, but rather by investing in tasteful materials and refined compositions.  Even the rod on which the final woven pieces are mounted on has a modern and delicate feel.

The designs are based on native american, traditional navajo tapestries depicting mountains and time lines. The metals she uses to accentuate the  weavings are brass, gold, and silver. Which give the tapestries an overall clean and composed look. Next to the bigger tapestries, she also creates smaller versions, meant to be worn as jewellery. Big or small alike, all of these originate  from her early explorations in weaving metal sculptures. And this sculptural essence is still present in what she makes nowadays: the shimmering thread plays with the light and allows for a strong and pliable surface.

On her blog, she not only presents her finished pieces but also all that inspires her. This might be either visually ( colour, composition, material ) or thematically ( shamanistic rituals, indigenous cultures, architecture ). She presents her own content together with her inspirational images in one line, taking us along into her imaginative world.

See more of Justine’s designs and her inspiration right here.

Words by Sara Martín Mazorra.