Sleep is anything but overrated. And the people behind muun know that good sleep doesn’t just depend on how many hours you get. It’s about comfort. That’s what inspired Vincent Brass and Frederic Böert to design their own mattresses, built to last and with a snug 100 day trial. So you can snooze, sleep and hang-out until you’re sure the mattress fits. In 2016, they opened up their first flagship store in Berlin-Mitte, from where they provide tailor-made advice on their collection; which has grown to include duvets and pillows as well. At The Loft, we were immediately attracted to the vibrant colours and quirky design that muun embodies. Far from plain, their mattresses felt like a breath of fresh air in the often lack-lustre world of bedding – and did we mention they have their own sustainability programme too? For the guys at muun it’s important to give something back in terms of dreams.

We caught up with co-founder Vincent Brass while he was travelling Botswana to talk about what muun dreams of.


A little background info for anyone who doesn’t know muun, yet.  Who and what is muun?

muun is a Berlin-based collective of sleep lovers. Working in close collaboration with artists and designers by the likes of Stefan Marx or New Tendency, we want to show the different faces of comfort.


What dream inspired you to start muun? Why mattresses and pillows?

Even though I do dream a lot, muun was created from a very pragmatic consideration. We were wondering why so little attention was given to sleep and comfort in general. Why is every mattress retailer looking exactly the same? Why is every mattress white and not adaptable to your individual needs and taste?

Our dream for the future is to free comfort from conformity and make people love sleep again – our mattresses and pillows are only the beginning.


Where do you go when you fall asleep?

I don’t really pay attention to the places I go, but rather with whom. I love to make new encounters in different dream worlds. I talk a lot when I sleep.


What’s the most uncomfortable place you have ever slept?

Materially uncomfortable: a plastic lounge chair in northern Colombia, surrounded by dogs. Generally uncomfortable: every standard hotel room of big hotel chains. I feel comfort shouldn’t obey any rules or standards.


And the most amazing?

In a tent in an island of the spectacular Okavango Delta in Botswana.


How is muun different than a usual bedding company? How do you craft your products?

muun doesn’t obey any rules or standards. We believe there is nothing as personal as comfort and hence we want to give the possibility to adapt them to your individual needs. Every muun product can be adjusted to temperature preferences, firmness preferences or sleep position.

All our products are crafted in Germany from a mixture of luxurious talalay latex, memory foam and high-resilience foam.


For every 7th mattress you sell you donate one to Children in Malawi. Tell us more about the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ initiative.

In dreams, everyone is equal, no matter if in Europe, the USA or in Malawi. During those 7 hours, people can free themselves of every material constraint and go wherever they want to go. A mattress is the base for a good nights sleep. By giving one for every 7th we sell, we want to empower the dreams of those who need them the most.


Whats next for muun? Any sneak peeks you can give us?

Mattresses, pillows and duvets are just the beginning. We want to show that there is more to sleep than a good mattress. In 2017, we are planning numerous collaborations with great artists, designers and scientists. Of course, we’ll keep you posted.

Thank you Vincent for making time while so far away. We’ll see you soon!

muun will be part of the upcoming Loft pop-up edition, where they will provide us with a dreamy bed and pillows. Attend the event here to stay up to date. See you there!


All pictures courtesy of muun.

Words by Sara Martín Mazorra.