Meet Miss O’po

Last week I stayed at a guesthouse in Porto, called Miss O’po. It was like we had found the one amazing secret spot in the city, an interior design heaven. The entrance was bold, with an industrial look and big checker shaped windows in steel frames. The floors, walls and ceilings were made of Beton Ciré (apparently a Portuguese craft), which added to the bold, industrial vibe.

What struck me most was that they’d been very creative with material use in this project. The banisters were made of screw-thread with wood, and the rooms of our apartment were divided by corrugated sheet. 

So, interior design was definitely check. Furthermore, the food and service were outstanding. The restaurant downstairs was vibrant and full of nice, inspiring people. We tried everything the menu offered (because we came back every night, I know it sounds boring but it was that good!). Their homemade icecream of watercress and burned seeds was our favorite, as well as a snack called ‘deal with it’. We won’t spoil the fun by saying what that was. 

I can definitely recommend going to Porto for a few days, if stay at Miss O’opo. Just go there and find out. Off you go now. You won’t be disappointed.

Words by Kassandra Schreuder.