How it's made — the AKI room divider - details of the design

How it's made — the AKI room divider

Every once in a while, we open the doors of The Loft to an artist whose work draws us closer to the edge of our seat, it’s what we lovingly call the Artist in Residence series. So we can take a look up close into their craft and dive into what really makes them tick. This time, we were in for a design-duo from Antwerp that has worked closely on developing a unique interior piece; the AKI room divider: a collaborative furniture item made by Nathalie van der Massen and Charlotte Vleerick.


Detail shots of the yarns used and the way the AKI Room Divider is made.

We like to work with natural materials like wood, linen and rubber. But also brass, specially if the patina ages beautifully over the years. We always try to combine this with an underlying attention to craftsmanship."

Detail shots of the design process of the AKI Room Divider.