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Discover Kinfill Homecare

We were pleasantly surprised and lured in by the aesthetics of Kinfill, an eco-conscious homecare range that looks like it could have stepped out of a perfume boutique. And of course, being the aesthetes that we are at the Loft, we knew we wanted to try it out. But we didn’t know where to begin. No water? Did we have to fill it ourselves? Could it double as a roomspray? Luckily for us, we met with Reda Jouahri, founder and creative brain behind the Kinfill homecare collection to give us a crash-course on the future of cleaning.

At a first glance, the Kinfill products could indeed pass for a very chique roomspray. But we are reassured that the cleaning concentrations are potent enough, but without any harmful ingredients. The modular process work as follows: every Kinfill kit contains an everlasting Italian glass bottle that comes with a durable plastic trigger spray and one vial of cleaning concentrate.

“Kinfill started out for me as a frustration towards the cleaning industry. I noticed I got upset by seeing all these cleaning products that made use of single use plastics, even when certified ECO. I started to analyse each and every aspect of our relationship to cleaning. From the use of harsh chemicals, to the packaging and even the whole cleaning experience — I wanted to improve it all.” 

Reda unpacks the cardboard shipping box, devoid of any padding, to show us every detail up close. The box itself is a compostable container, laser cut to create a protective packaging. So far, so good; but the key really lies in the cleaning method itself. The cleaning solutions come in a small glass vial and need to be mixed with water in the glass bottle before use.

“It really speaks for itself, you unscrew the lids on the bottle and vial, mix with water, leave some room for the plastic nozzle and you’re good to go. Try it out.”


And so we do. Our vial is marked as Multi Surface Cleaner with the scent Pine Husk and it doesn’t disappoint: we spray The Loft’s kitchen counter and are greeted by the fresh scent of a pine forest. 

“We worked with actual perfumers to develop the scent of each cleaning solution. I wanted to create classical, natural fragrances that wouldn’t be too overbearing and would really add something valuable to the experience of cleaning.”


We’re sold on the fact that Kinfill cleans, the fragrance is natural and the fact that you can actually leave the product on the table because it just looks so good. Once you run out of cleaning liquid all you need to do is order another vial. Ensuring you keep the nozzle and bottle for many more uses. There’s a total of four different cleaning liquids, each for a different surface. 

“It’s funny because my background is not in cleaning at all. I used to work in fashion, but once I started to pursue this ambition I put all my focus on getting to know everything there is to know. All I really knew in the beginning was that I wanted to improve the cleaning experience as a whole. But every new discovery I made challenged me to go deeper. Take water, for example, it makes up the biggest part of any cleaning liquid. But this extra space also means extra weight, and extra weight means a bigger CO2 footprint when transporting. So I decided to get rid of water altogether. The same goes for the plastic trigger spray, it’s such an efficient design and it can last for months. Yet we throw it out each time, such a waste.”


So what’s next for Kinfill?

“We hope to get rid of as much single use plastic as possible. But most of all, we hope to make people aware that it’s not necessary to settle for cleaning methods that don’t deliver. There really is no ‘Planet B’. So yes, this is a product that is leaning on the aesthetically pleasing; but that’s because we hope this speaks to people that might not be directly aware of sustainability. It would be great if we can appeal to a broad public and really make them think about what’s in a cleaning product.”


Images by Wouter van der Krol and Kinfill

Interview by Sara Martín Mazorra

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