Miss Bare
Meet Miss Bare - she welcomes you to a warm and grounded interior, full of soft colours, natural materials and hints of travels to far-flung places.
Taking cues from the past while living in the present, Workstead offers a holistic approach to design in every single object or interior.
Tailor-made and ultra comfortable mattresses - the people at muun know that sleep is anything but overrated.
Mineral paint is nothing new, but the vibrant colours by Keim easily combine a rich history with a modern and completely natural finish.
Heerenhuis Manufactuur
With a raw aesthetic and uncompromising philosophy, Heerenhuis creates pure and straightforward furniture.
Apparatus Studio combines natural materials and a warm modernist approach in their awe-inspiring lighting, furniture and art objects.
Axel Vervoordt
Axel Vervoordt is without doubt the tastemaker of his time. But the antiques collector and interior designer encompasses a whole philosophy.
WDSTCK is collective of dreamers and makers. Their gallery is set in the middle of the forest and full of unique products and artefacts.
Delight Yoga Prinseneiland
Between the historical warehouses at the Prinseneiland, there’s a dock overlooking the canals that serves as the fifth location of Delight Yoga.
Artist in Residence n.14
Illustrator Marina Guiu packed her pens and pencils and travelled all the way from Barcelona to work at one of our lofty locations.
Mono Japan
The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy proved to be the perfect setting for a weekend-long exhibition celebrating Japanese arts and crafts.
Artist in Residence N. 13
Internoconcucina is a food-styling studio that combines research and design, focussing on food and the universe that surrounds it.
Openhouse Magazine
Barcelona-based Openhouse Magazine is a platform that showcases all sorts of home-based creative ventures.
Studio Oliver Gustav
Antique and new alike have a place in an interior by Oliver Gustav. As his love for collecting extends to items from all ages.
Barbiers Originals
At Barbiers Originals, every piece of metal comes with a lengthy history. These long-lived and original materials are crafted into unique pieces of furniture.