Artist in Residence no.06

Vesna is an autodidact collage artist living and working in Amsterdam. We were intrigued by her collages and invited her over to take part in our Artists in Residence series at our beautiful Vaudeville Theatre , which is a lofty space hidden in the busy city centre of Amsterdam. There, she worked for a full day and gave us an impressive visual insight in her way of working and what inspires her.

Welcome to The Loft, please introduce yourself.

My name is Vesna Vrdoljak. I’m an autodidact collage artist.

What materials do you usually work with and what did you bring today?

I usually work with old magazines, mainly from the 50’s and sixties, old books and other found pieces of paper involving photographs. Today I brought some old and also some new magazines. I usually buy a couple of new magazines every month. I get inspired by new fashion and art magazines and like to combine new and old images. I also brought some printed blown up stuff.

Which artist or designer is a source of inspiration for you?

Just to name a few: John Baldessari, Cy Twombly (his photographs mainly), Elsworth Kelly, Anthony Zinonos, Kurt Schwitters, David Hockney, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jim Jarmusch … the list goes on.

If you could invent a name for an art movement you belong to, what would it be?

Collage Minimal.

What kind of work do you usually make and how was it different today?

I usually work quite small. Today I took the opportunity to use this space for experimenting on a large installation I want to make for my upcoming show.

What will you tell your friends about The Loft?

This Loft is a very inspiring place with a great sound system.


See more of Vesna’s work right here.

All pictures by Myscha Oreo.