Artist in Residence N. 13

Welcome to The Loft, please introduce yourself.

Internoconcucina (ioi) is a design and research studio, focused on food and the universe that surrounds it. Based in Amsterdam, it was founded by Alice Spadaro and Valentina Raffaelli. We are two Italian designers with multidisciplinary skills and different backgrounds. Experimentation, citations and highly rooted traditions are our core values, which we mix and mingle to create an essential and refined outcome, often poetic, but always simple, clean and straight to the point. We specialise in art direction, graphic design and styling.


What materials do you usually work with and what did you bring today?

Most of the times we have a hands-on approach using different materials to build up our stylings, such as paper, tape, and a great deal of objects. In these kind of projects we like to play a lot with contrasts and harmonies, juxtaposing the elements we select with patterns, textures and colours in order to enhance the theme or the idea we chose to represent. We own a big pool of props we collected in these years, which features objects, textiles and material surfaces bought in second hand shops or found in the streets during our lucky wanderings. Today we brought a selection of surfaces to create the sets of our stylings and, of course, some food to fill in the story.  In this case we wanted to talk about seasonal fishes and take some pictures to give people a hint about our new topic.


Which artist or designer is a source of inspiration for you?

When we started our studio, we were inspired a lot by the experience of Arabeschi di Latte, an Italian collective which 15 years ago begun considering food as a material for design projects and as tool to connect people. We love the Japanese simplicity of Oki Sato, the genius behind Nendo, but we also like to draw inspiration from the atmosphere we find in our grandma’s houses, full of patterns, precious memories and unexpected details.


If you could invent a name for an art movement you belong to, what would it be?

There’s always a strong connection with tradition in our work; a bridge between the past and what we like, or most importantly who we are. Another strong defining aspect is the coexistence of northern and southern influences, which comes from us being Italian but living in a northern country. In our approach and projects we always try to balance all these different parts, so we could probably be part of an art movement called the jugglers or bridgers (builders of bridges).


What kind of work do you usually make and how was it different today?

Working with food, our stylings are mainly close-ups, focusing on the subject of the picture rather than on the ambience around it. Today we decided to put the accent on the contrast between the objects we picked (industrial materials and raw fish) and the background we chose to set the picture in, the pretty and refined corners of the Loft. Also, we loved the possibility to focus only on one project, without being distracted by all the things we usually do at the same time. You realise how much productive you can be in one day.


What will you tell your friends about The Loft?

The Loft is a beautiful and bright space, with a lot of inspiring corners and comfy nooks. The vibe is very warm, with a homey and cozy feeling that put you at ease and allow your imagination to fly, while you pretend to live for a day on the last floor of a beautiful canal house in the heart of Amsterdam.

See more work by Internoconcucina on their website.

All pictures are by Margot van der Krogt from Mae & Many.