Artist In Residence n.08

Welcome to The Loft, please introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Raisa. I’m 24 years old and living in Amsterdam. I spend five days a week designing prints for fabrics for The Sting and the rest of the week freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator.

What materials do you usually work with and what did you bring today?
I don’t really stick with specific materials. I’m in a very fortunate position as I can try out different styles and combine, mix and experiment with any kind of material. It’s really fun to discover new ways of working. But basically everything I create ends up underneath a scanner so my work can be printed on fabric or paper. My scanner and computer are my everything! In the years of art academy I collected tons of different kinds of paper, so today I brought  some sheets and my paint and pencil collection. My computer and scanner where too heavy unfortunately haha.

Which artist or designer is a source of inspiration for you?
I’m in love with old Japanese and ancient Egyptian art. It’s so mysterious, and I’m really fascinated by the highly symbolic meaning of the paintings and sculptures. So most of my inspiration I get from historical books and museums. But if I have to choose, i’ll go for David Hockney, Basquiat, Kisai Eisen, Picasso and Matisse! I guess I have many favourites!

If you could invent a name for an art movement you belong to, what would it be?
Hmm, I love to mix ancient art and influences from culture with western modern influences so perhaps it would be something like ‘combinism’ or ‘postmodern-historicalism’.

What kind of work do you usually make and how was it different today?
I didn’t have the opportunity to make many personal pieces recently as I’m working a lot for clients. So then my work is more focussed on the commercial side.
But today I put far more of myself into my work. It’s was an opportunity to experiment without wasting a client’s time or money. Today I made an artwork inspired on The Loft. This piece is a part of a triptych, which is an artwork presented in three different parts, side by side. (The other two are not pictured). I really like presenting my work in small series. Totally different artworks, but connected to eachother in some way.

What will you tell your friends about The Loft?
The first moment when I entered the loft, I felt like you could lock me up here for a few days and I wouldn’t get bored. So i’ll tell my friends to bring enough food 😉 It’s a perfect place to be creative and be inspired by the environment with it’s amazing view.