Artist in Residence n.05

Berber Theunissen is a photographer working and living in a town with a stunning natural landscape amidst the Veluwe’s natural parks. We invited her over to Amsterdam to take part in our Artist in Residence series.

Welcome to The Loft, please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Berber Theunissen. I’m a 26 years old photographer living in Rheden, a small village in the east of the Netherlands.

What materials do you usually work with and what did you bring today?

I shoot almost everything on film, mostly with my pentax 6×7. It’s a medium format camera, I’m in love with that thing. I also brought a polaroid camera and a Yashica T4, which I use more for snapshots and stuff.

Which artist or designer is a source of inspiration for you?

I have a lot. It goes from photographers like Todd Hido, Cindy Sherman, Antoine D’agata, Francesca Woodman up to painters like Edward Hopper, Egon Schiele, Caspar David Friedrich and Lucien Freud.

If you could invent a name for an art movement you belong to, what would it be?

I always describe my work as fine-art documentary.

What kind of work do you usually make and how was it different today?

I’m always kind of exploring myself and the ‘other’. Normally when I’m photographing other people, It’s in their own home, so they are most comfortable. During this artist in residence program I was photographing someone I didn’t know at a location we both didn’t know.

What will you tell your friends about The Loft?

It was like I entered an interior magazine, I think it was maybe too perfect … I really do understand why people fall in love with The Loft, but in my own documentary work I usually work in spaces where there is some room left for my imagination. But the location was amazing. I loved the view especially the one through the small windows at the toilet. You see things, you normally don’t see.

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