A good lamp really brings a room together – and seems to be the hardest part to get completely right when designing an interior. That’s why those who know Apparatus Studio will be familiar with the bold lines, aged brass, etched glass, leather, marble and porcelain that come together in perfect harmony. Apparatus create lamps that look like artefacts, combining elements that appear to come straight from an industrial workspace, with an extremely sleek and polished silhouette.


Apparatus Studio was originally created by partners in work and life, Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson. Far from being two polished craftsmen, they worked in the PR and Fashion business; they kind of stumbled upon their passion when looking for a new lighting system for their home. They started playing with salvaged industrial components, one thing led to another and before long they were handling orders for friends and family alike. The side project was an instant hit, coming right at a time when Andrew and Gabriel were both at a turning point in their careers and wondering if they should make a switch.


Within two years Apparatus led them from their home in L.A. to their industrial Park Slope apartment in Brooklyn, New York, where the duo now oversees a whole design staff of craftsmen. This increase in workforce brought them to the more recent opening of the Apparatus Studio in Manhattan, bringing the whole project full circle. The grand space in the heart of the big Apple serves both as a creative laboratory and showroom. Although they discovered it almost by accident – they were just looking for a bigger workspace – they knew instantly that this was the one thing that would bring their project to completion. Serving as a gathering point for clients and designers, this is the kind of lofty space that is the stuff of dreams: tall windows, industrial high ceilings and Apparatus’s creations filling every corner. There’s furniture and art objects alike, a dead giveaway that Apparatus has not been sitting idly.


“We imagined this as a place where we could bring in pieces that complement what we do,” Anderson said in a recent Architectural Digest interview  “We’re interested in seeing where this space takes us in terms of interior design.” revealing that Apparatus has its sights set on creating whole interiors, from residences to hotels. Their studio doesn’t just operate as a gallery of sorts, it also offers a glimpse into the next chapter of their practice. Being loved by interior designers and architects around the globe, this next step seems more than promising.


Words by Sara Martín Mazorra.