Aleksandra Zee

Alexandra Zee is a San Francisco creative who started out as an in-store Display Artist at Anthropologie, an environment where she started to create big displays and from which she said she learned so much, she found the courage to start her own business.


And that business is going well, Aleksandra’s woodworks are an impressive combination of pure craftsmanship and a personal re-interpretation of the possibilities of wood working. The pieces are often inspired by the daily things which surround her, the desert and coast landscape being two prominent natural inspirational sources. The massive pieces are made with discarded materials which she transforms into graphic shapes and patterns without losing any tactility. Next to these beautiful panels, Aleksandra also works on installations and commissioned items. Her installations range from small interventions to whole room distortions that transform the viewers perception of the space.

Aleksandra is also very open about her craft, through her Instagram account she offers her ever growing audience a peek into her daily life. Pictures of her studio, works in progress, her inspiration- it all seamlessly integrates into what she creates in a completely congruent and honest way.

Stay up to date about Alexandras wonderful universe on her website.

Words by Sara Martín Mazorra